BASSINSTINCT      Butterfly l Cd Close Technical Details
Zappel Music l 2010


Gerhard Muthspiel,
Gina Schwarz,
Herbert Mayr,
Peter Herbert,
Ernst Weissensteiner,
Tim Dunin, acoustic bass

recorded at Symphonia Studio,
Konzerthaus Vienna, Nov. 11-13 2009

edited and mixed by Peter Herbert & RB,
April to May 2010

mixed & mastered by RB @
music engineering lab, Vienna.

recording setup:
6 Neumann KM 140 cardioid close,
2 AKG C-422 omnis for main stereo.
Studer 169 portable mixer (customized)
as preamp, tracking to Protools 48kHz.
mix setup:
Mixed analogue (SSL D/A converters)
using Studer 169 desk, Lexicon 300
and Klark DN 780 reverb, TLA Classic EQ1
& 2 and compression with DBX and Drawmer.
Master recorded w/ Digital Audio Denmark
ADDA 2402 @ 24bit/96kHz.

Mastering digitally only.